Bluetooth Connection NeXus

Internal Bluetooth

In order to connect the NeXus to your Windows computer, you will need to connect it once, so that the Windows OS knows your device. Please plug the supplied Bluetooth Dongle into a free USB port, or in case of a Laptop you can also use the built-in Bluetooth, so the dongle won’t be necessary. 

To connect requires entering a Pincode which consists of the last 4 digits of the serial number of your NeXus.  

You can find this serial number inside the NeXus-10 MKII when you remove the battery pack and it looks something like this:  SN 0938110321 (in this case the number 0321 would be the pincode)

When you are connecting your NeXus via Bluetooth, Windows will also show the serial number, so normally there is no need to remove the battery.  

In order to connect Bluetooth, enter “Bluetooth” in the Windows Search bar. (at the bottom of your screen) then click on the Bluetooth options and choose the option: “Add Bluetooth or other Device”.

NOTE: Windows 11 Bluetooth Advanced Option

Please note: when using Windows 11 – you need to choose the Advanced option and not the Default (standard) option, or else Windows 11 won’t discover the NeXus-10 MKII. 

After clicking on the + option to add a Bluetooth device, the Windows OS will start searching. This may take 10-30 seconds. Windows will list the device as NX10B + a serial number. You can click on the NeXus Device it found and enter the last four digits of the serial number: (0321 in this example, your serial number will be different)

After you have entered the BlueTooth Pincode, Windows will notify you when it has connected:

Bluetooth Dongle

In case your computer does not have a build in Bluetooth or the internal Bluetooth does not work properly with the NeXus system the recommended USB Bluetooth dongle can be used.