Biotrace+ Installation

Install the Biotrace+ Software

Check Disk Space 

The Biotrace+ will by default be installed on the C: drive. 

Please make sure you have enough space on this C: drive (we advise 200 GB minimum, but 1 TB would be nice for storing all your future session data) and please read the BioTrace+ manual (user documentation) before you start installing and using the software, it will describe the installation process as well.  

Download & Install Biotrace+

Download the full version of the V2018 software for your system.

To download the BioTrace+ software (either the Full Install or an Update), visit the download link.

After selecting BioTrace+ Software, please choose the Installation option, for downloading the software. We advise you to also download and read the user documentation/manual.

When the download is complete and you run the Biotrace+ installer, the Windows 10 or 11 operating system may ask you to confirm that you trust the downloaded installer executable. You can confirm with Yes.

Activate Biotrace+ Software

After the installation is complete you can perform the BioTrace+ software activation which by default is done online (connected to the internet). An offline activation is available as well.

  • Start BioTrace+.

    • Make sure your NeXus device is connected to the computer via Bluetooth or the supplied USB cable,

    • Make sure NeXus is turned on

    • Make sure your computer is connected to the internet.

  • The Introduction screen will appear. Click Continue.

Connecting your NeXus

USB connection

The NeXus can be connected to your Windows 10/11 computer via wireless Bluetooth, or via the supplied USB cable. After you have downloaded and installed the BioTrace+ software, the USB connection works immediately and needs no further installation.

Bluetooth connection

In order to connect the NeXus to your Windows computer, you will need to connect it once, so that the Windows OS knows your device. Please plug the supplied Bluetooth Dongle into a free USB port, or in case of a Laptop you can also use the built-in Bluetooth, so the dongle won’t be necessary. 

To connect requires entering a Pincode which consists of the last 4 digits of the serial number of your NeXus.  

You can find this serial number inside the NeXus-10 MKII when you remove the battery pack and it looks something like this:  SN 0938110321 (in this case the number 0321 would be the pincode)

When you are connecting your NeXus via Bluetooth, Windows will also show the serial number, so normally there is no need to remove the battery.  

In order to connect Bluetooth, enter “Bluetooth” in the Windows Search bar. (at the bottom of your screen) then click on the Bluetooth options and choose the option: “Add Bluetooth or other Device”.

NOTE: Windows 11 Bluetooth Advanced Option

Please note: when using Windows 11 – you need to choose the Advanced option and not the Default (standard) option, or else Windows 11 won’t discover the NeXus-10 MKII.

After clicking on the + option to add a Bluetooth device, the Windows OS will start searching. This may take 10-30 seconds. Windows will list the device as NX10B + a serial number. You can click on the NeXus Device it found and enter the last four digits of the serial number: (0321 in this example, your serial number will be different)

After you have entered the BlueTooth Pincode, Windows will notify you when it has connected:

Register Account

If you are already a Biotrace+ user you can skip this step and login for online or offline activation in the next steps.

  • Fill out the account details and click Send. *Do not use special characters (like: ‘ ” [ ] / \ $ &) for your password. Please write down your password somewhere, don’t forget it.
  • An e-mail is send to your e-mail address which you need to CONFIRM
  • Confirm e-mail address by clicking the link in the confirmation e-mail.
  • No confirmation e-mail? Make sure to check the Spam folder.

Online Biotrace+ activation

If your computer is connected to the internet. 

  • Go to the Sign in screen in Biotrace+ and enter e-mail and password of your Mind Media account.

  • Click Activate. Once BioTrace+ has been successfully activated, a message will appear.


Offline Biotrace+ activation

No internet connection or need to activate the Biotrace+ software via another computer? Make sure the computer your NeXus is connected on, is disconnected from the internet. Then click Activate to go to the offline activation. 

Open the Mind Media website here: 

This is the place where you enter your email address and enter the (unique) request key that is shown to you in the dialog box  (see example). You then copy the authorization key from the website and paste it into the activation key field. 

In case you got the activation key from another computer, you will want to copy the activation key (character string) on a storage medium which you can port to the computer which the NeXus is connected to, or send an email to that computer.

After entering the activation key,  press Activate.  

When the key was entered correctly, you will see a message that your software is now activated.

Quick Start Guide and User Manuals

Please always read the user manual for your system. 

A quick way to start with BioTrace+ is to open the Signal Library, choose one of the sensors/modalities and connect that sensor to your NeXus.